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At DNR, we feel strongly about the importance of educating citizens to value and be stewards of our natural resources. Our agency has six divisions that provide various educational resources to students, teachers, and the general public. Georgia is rich with opportunities to discover the state’s diverse natural and historic resources and to explore the environmental issues it faces. Whether you are a teacher, student, business leader, government official or interested citizen, the Department of Natural Resources has education programs designed to help you learn and grow, get outdoors and improve your environment.


The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is looking for the next generation of DNR employees who will care for Georgia's natural and cultural resources. We invite high school students to apply for a week-long summer camp to be held July 17-23, 2022 where students will have the opportunity to explore future career options, receive training and education, and make connections with current DNR employees. More information about applying can be found at


Maybe you want to know how to identify plants and animals or understand where your drinking water comes from. The Department of Natural Resources conducts workshops, classes and events that let you learn from instructors. DNR also provides tools that you can use to teach and learn on your own. The links below provide additional information on a variety of opportunities.

Workshops, Classes and Events


The natural world is a living laboratory where we can learn incredible lessons. From hikes in the forest and animal encounters to compass skills and pond studies, the Department of Natural Resources’ staff can show you the way. Visit a state park or wildlife education center for a guided nature program today.


Would you like to get more involved in your community and help protect our natural and historic resources? The Department of Natural Resources wants to make you part of the solution with these programs:

Click here or volunteer opportunities with the Parks, Recreation & Historic Sites Division.

Environmental Education in Georgia logoEducators may also want to visit The Online Guide to Environmental Education (EE) in Georgia -  This "one-stop" site offers EE lesson plans based on state curriculum standards, searchable EE resource database (including grants and contests), statewide calendar of EE events, directory of EE organizations, directory of Georgia's EE model schools, EE news, and easy to access facts about Georgia's environment.