Online Services/How Do I . . .?

This page provides quick links to many of the services and features of the Web site. If you have a question not covered here, check the individual Web sites for the DNR Divisions. If you can't find the answer on the division Web sites, then contact DNR

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Look up current hunting seasons/regulations?
Look up current fishing regulations?
Get information on what to do about injured or orphaned wildlife?

Saltwater Activities

Find current saltwater fishing regulations?
Find saltwater commercial fishing regulations?
Find commercial shellfish information?
Apply for commercial fishing licenses?
Apply for a Dock Permit?
Apply for a shore protection permit?
Apply for a Coastal Marshlands Protection Act permit?
Apply for revocable licenses & nationwide permits?

Land Conservation

Get a tax credit for having conservation land?

Historic Preservation

Find out if I need to submit project information for review and compliance with historic preservation?



Get money to fix up an old house/building?
Protect my historic community?
Stop a developer from disturbing graves?
Access and research archaeology and preservation files?

Water Quality

Find information on current beach water quality advisories?
Find out if it's safe to swim at Georgia beaches?

Air Quality

Find out about air quality around the U.S.?
Find out about current air quality in Georgia?
Find out about auto emissions testing requirements?


Locate Title V Air Permits or Applications for Title V Permits ?


DNR License Plates

Buy a wildlife license plate?
Buy a historic preservation license plate for my vehicle?

State Parks | Get Involved

Find out more about Friends of Georgia State Parks?
Volunteer to work as a campground host?
Become a Junior Ranger?

Wildlife and Education

Find a Kid’s Fishing Event near me?
Find out more about the Go Fish Georgia Initiative?
Find the closest Regional Education Center office to my area?

Wildlife Conservation | Get Involved

Turn in poachers?
Volunteer to assist with wildlife conservation efforts?
Get involved with amphibian conservation?

Environmental Protection | Get Involved

Volunteer to clean up Georgia waterways?
Volunteer to monitor water quality in Georgia?

Coastal Activities

Find information about Coastal Incentive Grants?
Report an underwater archaeological site to DNR?


State Parks

Make a reservation to stay at a state park or lodge?
Find out what state park is best for my family?

Hunting and Fishing

Purchase a Hunting/ Fishing License?
Sign up for a Hunter Education Class?
Request a Replacement Hunting or Fishing License?
Apply for a Quota Hunt?
Locate a shooting range?
Find recreational freshwater fishing information?
Find information for saltwater recreational fishing licenses?
Find recreational saltwater fishing information?
Get up-to-date fishing reports and tips?
Identify a fish I caught?


Register my boat?
Sign-up for a Boating Safety Course?
Locate a boat ramp?

Wildlife Watching

Learn about some of Georgia's wildlife watching hotspots?
Attract wildlife to my backyard?
Get information on Georgia's rare species (in my area)?


Find out about collecting artifacts?


Find a job working in the Department of Natural Resources?
Find out more about Georgia government agencies?