Statewide Plans


The Department of Natural Resources is responsible for the development and implementation of many planning documents that guide the management and protection of Georgia’s natural and cultural resources. Many of these plans are required to be developed by federal or state law. Some of them are directly tied to the state’s eligibility for federal funding. In accordance with the Board of Natural Resources policy on public involvement, they also have all included a high level of public input during their development.


Department of Natural Resources Strategic Plan

The Department of Natural Resources Strategic Plan was developed with input from the Board of Natural Resources, DNR leadership and staff, and facilitators from the University of Georgia Fanning Institute and approved by the Board of Natural Resources in March 2007. It focuses on ways in which DNR can improve efficiency through better internal coordination and communications; expand public-private partnerships to address critical natural and cultural resources issues; and provide high quality customer service to the citizens of Georgia.  Click here to learn more about the Department of Natural Resources Strategic Plan 

Comprehensive State-wide Water Management Plan (State Water Plan)

The 2004 Comprehensive State-wide Water Management Planning Act mandated that the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) develop the State water Plan, with oversight provided by a coordinating committee. The State Water Plan was adopted by the General Assembly in 2008 and it called for the development of regional water plans. Ten councils, each comprised of 25 members appointed by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Speaker of the House, began the development of the regional water plans in 2009. The regional water plans must be submitted to EPD in initial form by the end of January 2011 and final form by the end of June 2011. After adoption by EPD, the regional water plans will guide agency decision-making.  Click here for the State Water Plan Web site.

Coastal Comprehensive Master Development Plan

The Department of Community Affairs developed the Coastal Comprehensive Master development Plan following an Executive Order that was issued by Governor Sonny Perdue. Many stakeholders participated in the development of this plan, including the Department of Natural Resources. The plan outlines a vision, strategies, guiding principles and work program for Georgia’s coastal area that promote sustainable future development without compromising the region’s valuable and vulnerable natural environment.  Click here for the Coastal Comprehensive Master Development Plan .

Georgia Coastal Management Plan

The Department of Natural Resources is required to submit the Coastal Management Program Document (also called the Georgia Coastal Management Plan) to the Office of Ocean and Coastal Resources Management in order to participate in the federal Coastal Zone Management Program. This plan includes a copy of the state program, which is a comprehensive management program for coastal land and water use activities. It consists of numerous policies on diverse management issues that are administered under Georgia laws. The Georgia Coastal Management Program promotes the beneficial use of coastal resources, prevents their impairment, and manages major activities that substantially affect numerous resources. Click here for the Coastal Management Program Document.

Georgia Outdoor Recreation Plan

The Georgia Outdoor Recreation Plan is a statewide blueprint for maintaining and sustaining public outdoor recreation resources to meet the demands of Georgia's diverse and growing population. Click here to learn more about the Georgia Outdoor Recreation Plan.

State Historic Preservation Plan

Under the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, each State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is charged with developing a statewide historic preservation plan. Georgia's State Historic Preservation Plan provides common direction for all organizations and individuals who support the preservation of Georgia’s historic places. The plan includes information about trends in Georgia and how they may affect historic properties; mission, vision and goals for historic preservation; information about Georgia's historic and archaeological resources, information about how preservation works in Georgia, and about the statewide preservation planning process. Click here for more information on the Georgia State Historic Preservation Plan.

State Wildlife Action Plan

The State Wildlife Action Plan is a comprehensive wildlife conservation strategy to conserve Georgia’s animals, plants, and natural habitats through proactive measures emphasizing voluntary and incentive-based programs on private lands, habitat restoration and management by public agencies and private conservation organizations, rare species survey and recovery efforts, and environmental education and public outreach activities. The State Wildlife Action Plan provides a blueprint for the protection of wildlife in Georgia and allows the state to be eligible to receive funds from the federal State Wildlife Grant program for wildlife conservation and management programs. Click here for the State Wildlife Action Plan.

State Environmental Literacy Plan

A sustainable future depends on our ability to help students understand interrelationships, develop critical thinking abilities and apply problem-solving skills. As described in the federal No Child Left Inside Act, the development of a state environmental literacy plan should be led by the state education agency in cooperation with natural resource and environmental agencies, nonprofit associations, and the public.  DNR currently is working alongside the Georgia Department of Education and the Environmental Education Alliance (EEA) of Georgia (the state's nonprofit professional association for environmental educators) to develop the plan that will provide a framework for school systems to expand and improve their environmental education programs. For additional information, please contact EEA at .