Poster Contest Turns Attention to Wildlife Tales

Social Circle. GA

Teachers and students across the state are invited to celebrate wildlife through art by participating in the 33rd annual Give Wildlife a Chance Poster Contest.

The goal of this competition for grades K-5 is to generate knowledge of and appreciation for Georgia’s biological diversity. The popular initiative is sponsored by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the State Botanical Garden of Georgia and The Environmental Resources Network, or TERN, friends group of DNR’s Wildlife Conservation Section.

The 2022-2023 theme – Wildlife Tales: True or False? – highlights amazing facts about wildlife as well as commonly held myths. Some untruths are relatively harmless while others may cause unnecessary fear or prompt harmful behavior. Students are encouraged to brainstorm interesting things about wildlife they’ve heard or read about, and consider if they’re true or not. If unsure, research may be required.

As inspiration for their artwork, students can observe birds and other wildlife in their backyard or schoolyard. Even if neighborhood greenspace is scarce, there’s always a world of insects and plants that can be found nearby. City, county and state parks are great places to discover nature, too – and most people have at least one park in their community.

After creating artwork based on this year’s theme and according to contest rules, participants will enter their drawings and paintings at the local school level. Top school-level entries then proceed to the state contest at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens. First-, second- and third-place winners will be chosen for four divisions: kindergarten, first and second grade, third and fourth grade, and fifth grade. The deadline for schools to submit digital photos of state-level entries is April 7, 2023.

The top 12 state-level winners’ artwork will be showcased on the DNR Wildlife Resources Division and State Botanical Garden social media sites. Also, as a special perk, each state-level winner’s teacher and one parent will be eligible to receive a free DNR wildlife license plate, courtesy of TERN. For contest rules, awards, entry forms and other information, visit   

DNR’s Wildlife Conservation Section is charged with conserving animals that aren’t legally fished for or hunted, plus native plants and natural habitats. Only a deep commitment to these natural resources will ensure their existence for future generations. The Wildlife Conservation Section depends primarily on fundraisers such as sales of eagle and monarch butterfly license plates, annual renewal of those and other wildlife tags – such as the hummingbird design – the Give Wildlife a Chance state income tax checkoff and direct donations (

Learn more at, or call Wildlife Conservation Section offices in Social Circle (706-557-3213), Forsyth (478-994-1438) or Brunswick (912-264-7218).


  • Theme:  Wildlife Tales: True or False?
  • Emphasis: Generate knowledge of and appreciation for Georgia wildlife and their habitats.
  • Teacher instructions: Have students design artwork that includes native wildlife – animals, plants or both. Hold a school-level contest. First-place winners in each age division advance to the state-level contest.
  • Deadline for state-level contest entries: April 7, 2023.
  • Top 12 state-level winners’ artwork will be showcased on DNR Wildlife Resources Division and State Botanical Garden of Georgia social media sites.  
  • Details: