Georgia food shrimp harvest season opens June 18

Brunswick, Ga.

A commercial shrimper trawls off the coast of McIntosh County, Ga., on opening day of shrimp season 2022. DNR photo by Tyler Jones.

 Georgia’s 2024 commercial and recreational food shrimp season will open in state waters at 8 a.m. Tuesday, June 18, 2024. The opening applies to Georgia’s territorial waters from shore to three nautical miles offshore.

Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Commissioner Walter Rabon on June 10 signed an administrative order setting the opening date at the recommendation of DNR’s Coastal Resources Division (CRD) and an advisory panel comprised of commercial and recreational shrimpers, independent scientists, and other stakeholders.

Data from CRD’s Ecological Monitoring Trawl Survey, which monitors shrimp populations year-round, showed the fishery in May was producing higher numbers of shrimp over the 5-year average, although their sizes were negligibly smaller than shrimp from the same period. 

“Last month, CRD’s trawl survey caught an average of 4.34 pounds of shrimp per 15-minute trawl,” explained Tyler Jones, a spokesman for CRD. “This is about 20 percent more than the 2019 to 2024 average of 3.6 pounds. At the same time, in May it took 21.07 shrimp to make one pound, whereas over the past five-year average, it took 20.84. This means the shrimp were ever-so-slightly smaller, but we feel confident the fishery is ready to open based on the best available science. CRD remains committed to balancing the needs of the commercial and recreational shrimping communities while conserving the health of Georgia's coastal ecosystems.”

Long-term data
2024 DataDifference 
Pounds of shrimp 
per 15-minute trawl 
(All sectors average)
3.6 pounds4.34 pounds+20.64% 
Count Size (All sectors average)20.84 shrimp 
in one pound
21.07 shrimp 
in one pound
+1.10%**Note: The positive difference 
indicates smaller sized shrimp


Food shrimp harvesters are reminded to adhere to all regulations set forth to promote sustainable practices and protect shrimp stocks. These regulations include daily recreational catch limits, gear restrictions, and other requirements. Licensed commercial trawlers with head rope lengths of 16 feet or greater are required to install a certified turtle excluder device and certified bycatch reduction device. 

Recreational food shrimp may only be harvested with seine nets or cast nets. A Georgia recreational fishing license and Saltwater Information Program (SIP) permit are required for the harvest of recreational food shrimp. Seine net harvesters may possess a maximum of 24 quarts of food shrimp with heads on per 24 hour period. Cast netters may possess a maximum of 48 quarts of food shrimp with heads on per 24 hour period. Further information on shrimping regulations can be found at or by contacting DNR’s Law Enforcement Division at 912-264-7237. 

The opening of the shrimp season is a celebrated tradition that supports Georgia's coastal economy, providing fresh, local seafood to markets and restaurants, and contributes to the livelihoods of many residents. Shrimping not only has economic significance, but also plays an integral role in the cultural heritage of Georgia's coastal communities. CRD encourages Georgians and visitors alike to support the Peach State’s shrimping community by asking for “Wild Georgia Shrimp” by name at your local markets and restaurants. 

About the Coastal Resources Division

The mission of the Coastal Resources Division is to balance coastal development and protection of the coast's natural assets, socio-cultural heritage and recreational resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

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