Angler Award Programs

The Angler Award Program Expanded in 2019 - Check Out all The Categories!

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The Georgia Angler Award Program recognizes anglers in Georgia who catch exceptional fish in Georgia waters. It also allows DNR to collect information on the genetics, age, growth, and habitats of big fish to help manage our fisheries to their greatest potential.

ALL categories require the submission of an application and photos. In some cases, more information is required. Be sure to review all rules and requirements for each individual category, and choose the one that best fits your catch.

Angler Awards

Adults and youth can be rewarded for catching quality size fish (kept fish or catch-and-release) that meet or beat a specific weight or length. Qualifying anglers will receive a certificate, hat and a t-shirt (new for 2019 Angler Awards!).

Adult Category

This category recognizes anglers (age 16 and up) who catch quality size fish.

Youth Category

This category recognizes young anglers (age 15 and under) who catch quality size fish. For this youth category, the qualifying lengths and weights of fish are reduced.

Trophy Bass Awards

The Trophy Bass Category will provide data on the heaviest largemouth bass caught in Georgia each year. These fish are rare, and genetics and growth information from them is valuable to fisheries managers. Categories and incentives for the Trophy Bass category include a certificate, hat, t-shirt, entry into a prize drawing at end of year, 2 passes to the Go Fish Education Center, and photo used as part of WRD’s Social Media program (Blog, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook). Anglers catching a bass weighing ≥13 lb are eligible for a replica mount of the fish (as long as all requirements are met).

Public Fishing Area Record Awards

The Public Fishing Area Records will be for largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill, redear sunfish, and channel catfish caught at a Georgia PFA. PFA records of all species will receive recognition similar to the angler award category.