Recreational Trails Program


The Recreational Trails Program is a federal grant program funded by the Federal Highway Administration and administered at the state level by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. The purpose of RTP is to support recreational trails and trail-related facilities for both nonmotorized and motorized recreational trail uses. Eligible applicants include qualified local governments, authorized commissions, and state and federal agencies. 

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Georgia Trails Education Grant

Our grants specialists also administer the Georgia Trails Education Grants promoting trail safety and environmental protection. Projects must have a direct relationship with a recreational trail or trails. Projects can include education programs and/or production of trail-related educational materials (whether for information displays, print, video, audio, interactive computer displays, etc.).  Education grants are applied for separately from other trail projects and potential Applicants should contact Lindsey Brown at before submitting an application.

2019-2020 Funding Cycle Announcement

While the 2019-2020 window for accepting RTP Pre-applications has closed, the process continues for applicants. 

Current Grant Cycle Timeline:

  • September 1, 2019 – Pre-application window opened
  • November 17, 2019 – Pre-application window closed
  • February 28, 2020 – Pre-applicants were notified of whether or not their proposals advanced to the Second-level Application
  • May 31, 2020 – Second-level Application period closes
  • Fall 2020 – Final Approval of Projects

We look forward to announcing the dates for our 2021-2022 funding cycle in the Spring of 2021.

Recreational Trail Program 2019–2020 Second-level Application Invitees

We are excited to announce that the following applicants have been invited to submit final applications for their proposals.  Once all documents are submitted, reviewed, and approved, each project listed below will be authorized for funding. The selected projects include five trails in public parks, two water trail projects for canoeing and kayaking, three greenway paths through communities, one rails-to-trails project, and six off-road motorized trail systems.

  1. City of Albany - Flint River Trails, Albany Downtown Connector - $200,000
  2. City of Cairo - Southern Terrace Park Trail - $200,000
  3. City of Covington - Covington Central Park Red Trail - $200,000
  4. City of Cumming - City Center Trail - $200,000
  5. City of Guyton - Main Street Rail Trail - $66,126
  6. City of Young Harris - Cupid Falls Trails - $155,440
  7. Bartow County - Etowah River Water Trail at Douthit Ferry - $82,518
  8. Rockdale County - South River Water Trail Launch and Takeout - $200,000
  9. Troup County - The Thread, Phase 7 at Panther Park - $200,000
  10. Fort Yargo State Park - Lake Loop Trail Bridge Reconstruction - $200,000
  11. Georgia College & State University - Campus Connector Trail, Phase II - $200,000
  12. U.S. Forest Service - Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest - Forest Wide Motorized Trail Rehabilitation - $582,900


Advisory Committee

A committee of individuals interested in Georgia trails advises program staff on policy issues. The committee meets at least once a year. Meetings are open to the public, and reports of the minutes are available from program staff.  The Advisory Committee meeting for 2020 was held on Wednesday, February 12th at Sweetwater Creek State Park.

The current members of the committee are listed below:


Keith Owen, Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association

Rick Moon, Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association

Off-Road Vehicle Users

Kenneth Sutz, Southern Four Wheel Drive Association

Bruce Dreher, Georgia Recreational Trail Riders Association


Randy Brown, Back Country Horsemen of North Georgia

Debbie Crowe, Chattahoochee Trail Horse Association

Water Trail Users

Dan MacIntyre, Georgia Canoe Association

Gwyneth Moody, Georgia River Network

Hiking, Jogging, Fitness (Pedestrian) Users

Greta DeMayo, Fulton County

Carlton E. Harris, Lumpkin County

O'Ree Crittenden, Muscogee County

Carolyn Hartfield, Hartfield's Hikers, OPALS (Older People with Active Lifestyles), Atlanta African American Adventures


Georgia's Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan: SCORP 2017-2021

Contact Us

Lindsey Brown, Recreational Trails Program Coordinator

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Lauren Turner, Recreational Trails Program Grant Specialist

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