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We offer a variety of programs throughout the week. Topics include the Civil War, soldier life, weapons, wildlife, crafts and more. For more information about our programs please visit our programs page. We strive to offer guided fort tours daily at 2 p.m., however, due to events and scheduling this might not be possible. Please call the Park Office to inquire if a daily tour will be available on your date of interest.

Nestled among large live oaks, spanish moss and salt marsh, this park is a beautiful location for camping, fishing, boating and picnicking. Visitors can explore the grounds with cannons, a hot shot furnace, bombproof barracks, palisades and more, while a Civil War museum contains artifacts, a video and gift shop.

As a teacher or group leader, you have the opportunity to utilize every aspect of your state park. Whether it is on your own or alongside the park staff, during the day or throughout a weekend, we invite you to navigate the nature trails, paddle on the river or behold the Civil War earthen works of Fort McAllister.

Please fill out and submit prior to the program:

If you do not see a program listed that is of interest to you or fits into your group’s educational needs, please contact the interpretive staff at the park. We are always happy to create custom programs to meet the needs of your group.

Fort Tours

Fort tours are available Wednesday to Sunday.

We strive to offer guided fort tours daily at 2 p.m., however, due to events and scheduling this might not be possible. Please call the Park Office to inquire if a daily tour will be available on your date of interest.

Group Programs

These programs may be conducted for groups ranging in size. Though largely recreational in nature, teachers may also find these activities useful for educational groups utilizing the parks natural and historical resources and our facilities.

Basic Archery

  • Fees: $15 per person
  • Time: 1 ½ hours per session
  • Limit of 12 participants per session

For ages 8* and above this is an introductory program to the basics of archery. Participants will receive basic archery instruction from one of our certified staff members and then participate in a practice session.

*Each participant must be able to safely hold and draw a bow without assistance.
*Utilization of our equipment is mandatory – No outside equipment may be used.

Hand Spinning (Drop Spindle)

  • Fee: $15 per participant
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Limit of 12 participants per session/class

Participants will be guided through the process of making a simple drop spindle that they will then use to learn the basics of hand spinning in an interactive class session. Each student will leave the class with a completed drop spindle and the basic knowledge and skills to continue hand spinning.

Canoeing & Kayaking

  • Fee: $25–$100 per person
  • Time: 1–4 hours
  • Limit of 12 participants per session

Canoe and kayak programs available for experienced paddles – This involves a trip on tidal water to a nearby sandbar. Please contact the park staff to discuss options for this program.
*Trips may not be available due to varying factors, including: tide, water temperature, weather, and guide availability.

Nature Hikes (Day and Night)

  • Fee: $3 per participant
  • Time: 1–2 hours
  • Limit 30 participants per session

Guided nature hike on the trail of your choice. Hikes may be tailored to a specific topic such as tree identification, wildflowers, lichens, etc. or may be open topic.
*Additional fees apply to afterhours programs.

School Field Trips & Educational Programs

These programs are designed to meet current Georgia standards and are available for groups ranging in size from 20–150 students. Groups larger than 150 students may be asked to split their field trip into multiple days depending on the program(s) requested.

Group trips may be conducted on a self-guided basis or you may learn more about Georgia’s plant and animal life and history by participating in one of our ranger-led school programs. We do ask that any groups wishing to visit the park on a self-guided basis fill out a program request form so that we can avoid conflicts with other ranger led programs occurring at the park during the time of your visit.

You may schedule a field trip to the park by calling the park office at 912-727-2339 or by filling out the program request form and emailing it to the Park Interpretive Staff. Please remember that your program in not confirmed until you receive a confirmation from the Park Interpretive Staff.

Be ready to provide the following information when you call:

  1. Organizer’s name and contact information
  2. Name and address
  3. Number and grade level of students
  4. Program preferences/requests
  5. Optional “rain dates”

Please be aware that the park will only cancel programs in cases of severe weather i.e. tornado, flooding, etc, and other unforeseen circumstances. If your group or school needs to cancel your trip to the park, please call the park office no later than 48 hours prior to your scheduled trip. Teachers and chaperones are expected to participate and assist program staff as needed.

Unless otherwise noted in the program description, all of our programs are approximately 45 minutes in length. Programs may be combined to allow for up to 3 ranger conducted programs per visit, if time allows.

Please contact the park staff for current educational standard correlations.

  • Fee: Vary depending on program requested
  • Minimum charge of 20 students
  • Maximum group size: 150

Fort McAllister Tour (Fort Admission)

Meet up with a Ranger or a Civil War soldier and learn about the battle of Fort McAllister (Genesis Point), the last battle of Sherman’s March to the Sea. Learn about the importance of the Coastal Region and rivers located in the surrounding areas.
*A musket firing may be requested for an additional charge.
*A cannon firing may be requested for an additional charge (subject to cannon crew availability on date requested).

Edible Plant Hike ($3 per participant)

Fort McAllister is home to lots of flora and fauna, and in this hike, you will learn about basic plant identification, and the various plants that are edible in Georgia and the Coastal Region. Learn about regional plants and their needs and tolerations in the surrounding environment.

Rice Hike (Fort Admission)

Fort McAllister prior to being and Civil War Fortification was a Rice Plantation owed by the McAllister Family. Explore the historical site with a ranger and learn all about its ties to rice.

Candle Making (Fort Admission and $3 per participant)

Candles have changed drastically since the mid-1800’s- both in function and production. Come learn how hand-dipped candles are made and participate in making one to take home.

Blacksmithing (Fort Admission)

This lost art form was a major career with many years of training and many different specializations. See what it takes to make all things metal.

Civil War Medicine (Fort Admission)

Medical practices have come a long way, but find out how injuries and aliments were treated during the 1800’s.

Solar System Walk ($5 per participant)

Take a tour of our solar system with this short hike and get to view the stars with our telescope.
*This program is very dependent on weather, and may be canceled just before program, due to many varying factors.
*This a nighttime program and must be scheduled after sunset – Additional fees apply for afterhours programs.

Summer Camps ($125 per participant)

Fort McAllister State Historic Park offers several summer camps for children ages 7–10. This is a great family vacation opportunity. Come and stay in one of the park cabins or in the park campground for the week and enroll your child in one of our day camps. Spaces are limited. Registration is not confirmed, and spaces will not be held until camp fees are paid in full.

Junior Ranger Camp (June & July): Ages 7–10

Junior Rangers focus on learning about nature through a series of guided activities over the course of the camp. Some activities included will be games, short nature hikes, archery, fishing, survival course, historical activities and much more.

Each year the camp has a slightly different focus in order to keep the camp new and exciting for returning campers.

Campers will need to provide the following:

  • Lunch
  • Refillable water bottle/container
  • Hat or other sun protection
  • Insect repellant
  • Good walking shoes (no sandals or flip-flops)

Please check the park’s events and/or Facebook for the dates of any upcoming camps and sign-up dates.

Other Information

For any questions, visit the Park Office or call us at 912.727.2339.