Disc Golfing in Georgia State Parks

Disc Golfing at Fort Yargo

Fort Yargo State Park


As a competitive game, disc golf was invented in a park. The objective is to throw a Frisbee-style disc into a metal basket called a “hole.” The targets are arranged along a course, similar to holes in the game of golf. The one who traverses the course and gets the disc into each basket with the fewest number of tosses wins.

Cloudland Canyon, Fort Yargo, Georgia Veterans and Richard B. Russell state parks have disc golf courses. The game is even easier than it sounds (and a lot more fun, too). It’s ideal for families and groups since people of all ages enjoy playing. No wonder it’s taken off in more than 40 countries around the world! A small fee is required for playing disc golf in Georgia's State Parks. Learn how to play disc golf.