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Georgia DNR RSS Feeds

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources provides these DNR RSS Feeds:

RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") is a way to easily distribute web content that changes regularly - such as a list of news headlines, update notices, and media - to an audience of users. RSS lets you easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites in which you are interested. You save time by not having to visit each site individually.

An RSS Feed shows a listing of a Web site's new content, which is updated when new content is published to the site. Feeds are gathered and read by RSS feed readers. RSS readers "subscribe" to RSS feed, which means they download lists of content at an interval that the user specifies (every 30 minutes, for example). Once you install your RSS Feed Reader, you will be able to subscribe to RSS feeds. You just need to subscribe to the appropriate RSS feed, and the information can be retrieved automatically at regular intervals or instantly with the click of a mouse.

To get started with an RSS Feed Reader, you have several options:
For RSS feed readers that you do not have to install on your computer, you can select from several Web-based feed readers. My Yahoo is one popular web-based feed reader.

The Georgia Technology Authority recommends Awasu or Sharpreader.