Logo graphic for the Department Of Naturals Resources Division

Communications Staff

Commissioner's Office

Wes Robinson, Director of Public and Government Affairs (wes.robinson@dnr.ga.gov )
Office: (404) 656-6549

Amber Carter, Public Affairs Assistant (amber.carter@dnr.ga.gov
Office: (404) 232-1474

Coastal Resources Division

Nancy Butler, Public Affairs Coordinator, (nancy.butler@dnr.ga.gov)
Office: (912) 262-3140

Environmental Protection Division

Kevin Chambers, Director of Communications (kevin.chambers@dnr.ga.gov)
Office: (404) 651-7970

For media questions specific to the Air Protection Branch, contact:
Kelley Nardell Powell, Manager, Public Affairs Unit (kelly.nardell-powell@dnr.ga.gov)
Office: (404) 363-7563

Thomas Smith, Public Affairs Coordinator (thomas.smith@dnr.ga.gov)
Office: (404) 362-2790

Vicky Giles, Public Affairs Coordinator (vicky.giles@dnr.ga.gov)
Office: (404) 362-2536


Historic Preservation Division

Jeff Harrison, Media and Communications Coordinator (jeff.harrison@dnr.ga.gov)
Office: (404) 651-5287 


Parks, Recreation & Historic Sites Division

Sally Winchester, Marketing & Communications Manager (sally.winchester@dnr.ga.gov)
Office: (770) 975-4010 

Kim Hatcher, Public Affairs Coordinator (kim.hatcher@dnr.ga.gov)
Office: (770) 975-4223

Wildlife Resources Division

Jenifer Wisniewski, Marketing Communications Manager (jenifer.wisniewski@dnr.ga.gov)
Office: (706) 557-3324
Mobile: (404) 227-1329

Taylor Brown, Marketing Communications Assistant (taylor.brown@dnr.ga.gov
Office: (706) 557-3324
Mobile: (404) 227-1329

Robin Hill, Communications/ Outreach Specialist (robin.hill@dnr.ga.gov)
Office: (706) 557-3325
Mobile: (404) 291-9825

For media questions specific to game management, fisheries management, law enforcement or licensing and boat registration, contact:
Melissa Cummings, Communications/Outreach Specialist (melissa.cummings@dnr.ga.gov)
Office: (706) 557-3326
Mobile: (404) 323-9724

For media questions specific to nongame wildlife (including threatened and endangered species) and protected plants, contact:
Rick Lavender, Communications/Outreach Specialist (rick.lavender@dnr.ga.gov)
Office: (706) 557-3327
Mobile: (404) 323-1049

Heidi Ferguson, Marketing Specialist (heidi.ferguson@dnr.ga.gov)
Office: (706) 557-3328